“You’re telling me I could be guided through a recipe, with all the charm of a traditional cooking video, but be less likely to distractedly cut off my thumb nail? Rad.”
(Hot Pod)

The Sandwich Universe understands what listeners truly want.”
(The Takeout)

"When you think about the really big, important moments in our lives: when we get married, when we are celebrating becoming an adult, when we are mourning the loss of a loved one, the rituals that we observe to mark those moments always involve food and music. That really transcends any cultural boundaries."
(Discover Pods)

Food52, the food and drink website that has evolved to include test kitchen-approved recipes, an online marketplace and their own line of products for the kitchen and home, has launched its very own podcast network.”

“Looks like Food52 is becoming a podcasting force to be reckoned with.”
— NYT Editor Kim Severson